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We created THE BLADE APP according to barbers and client’s needs. IF there is anything that is missing for you and you thing is useful for you just reach out to us and share your ideas.

Email us at info@thebladeapp.com

Make sure that you have allowed THE BLADE APP to access your notifications. Once you give access you will start receiving notifications and reminders asap.

YES! The Blade App is available on iOS app store and android google play store.

No! In fact, The Blade App has been created to be as simple as possible for everybody to understand and use it.

Users Data is stored on Amazon servers in Ireland.

If you are experiencing any issues or troubles please contact us immediately. We do our best to have the app up and running at all times. Our clients are our first Priority.

That’s a perfect question to ask!! 😊 We have lot of new features and updates coming your way. Stay tuned and you will find out soon!

Unfortunately, not for now. As we mentioned, there are lot of updates on your way.

Currently we are available in 20 countries that use the euro currency. Soon we will be available worldwide.

Country List:

In order to find any barber In the Blade app, They must register and have an active account. If you can’t find your barber in the app, you can invite him to start using the app and claim the 30 days free trial that we offer.


Go to settings and click the option delete my account.

Click forgot my password and restore it Asap with your email.

Contact us at info@thebladeapp.com

You have to delete your account so you can make a new customers account.

Also you can sent us an email and we will handle it asap.

In order to login to your new account you have to verify your email. If you didn’t get email check your spam emails.

If your verification link has expired, login again and you will receive a new one.


Your clients are able to see other barbershops/barbers that are using the app and can also search the name of barbershop/barber that they are looking for.

Your clients can add you to their favorites so they can find you instantly.

In order to be visible must have an active subscription.

If you want to register more than 1 shop contact us at support@thebladeapp.com

You don’t have to worry about that.

The Blade App has got you covered for online paid bookings.

These are our cancellation policies:

Cancellation policies are valid only for online paid bookings.

  1. Appointments that have cancelled 24 hours prior are fully refunded in your client’s wallet.
  2. Appointments that have cancelled 12 hours prior are 50% refunded to your clients while the other 50% will be added to your wallet.
  3. Appointments that have cancelled in less than 12 hours are not refundable for clients. 100% of the amount will be added to your wallet.
  4. When a shop cancels an appointment that has paid online, your client will receive a full refund. (See clause .1 under completed bookings)
  5. Your clients are informed for every cancellation policy.
  6. Clients are able to reschedule their appointments instead of cancelling them.

Your clients may be subject to a platform fee for payments through the The Blade App. The fee is not refundable.

Once you download the app click get started and choose to register as a shop owner.

  1. Add your name and your details
  2. Add your shop details,phone number and photos.
  3. Add your barber shop hours.
  4. Add your services.
  5. Add your employees (if you don’t have just click skip)
  6. Select your subscription plan to get your 30 days free trial!

start growing ( WITH ) The Blade App

Once you register your account, we will reach out to you and send you promotional content so your clients know.

Also we will sent you a sticker to add at your shop.

  1. Increased Visibility: By listing your barber shop on The Blade App, you gain visibility to a wider audience, including tourists who may be searching for local barber services. The app's user-friendly interface makes it easy for travelers and locals to discover and book appointments with your shop.
  2. Reviews and Ratings: The Blade App allows clients to leave reviews and ratings for any completed booking, which can be a powerful tool for attracting new clients, including tourists. Positive reviews and high ratings can boost your reputation and make your barber shop a preferred choice.
  3. Convenience and Accessibility: People often rely on digital platforms to find services while on the go. By being available on The Blade App, you provide them with a convenient and accessible way to schedule appointments and ensure they have a spot secured during their visit.
  4. Multilingual Support: The Blade App offers multilingual support, allowing everybody who may not be fluent in the local language to navigate and book appointments more easily. This feature can help overcome language barriers and attract a diverse range of clients.

Of course! They can select as much as they want and the app will automatically calculate the time and amount for them and for you also.

It depends on you! You have the option to autoconfirm bookings. You will find this in your Settings in the right corner above.

  1. Your clients can rate every booking that they complete with you.
  2. Reviews cannot be removed in any case.
  3. Based on your ratings your shop will get a final calculated rating number.
  4. Your employees’ reviews will also affect the final rating of your barbershop.
  5. If you think that a review is a spam or malicious in any case, please contact us immediately so we can investigate your case.

We have this feature coming soon.

Certainly! The Blade App is an ideal choice for barbers who are at the beginning stages of their career. Keep tabs on your development right from the beginning as you embark on your professional journey. Highlight your top-notch haircuts from your time in barbering school and allow potential clients to easily discover and connect with you.

No! And you don’t need to. The blade app has got you covered with its own calendar!

This feature is coming soon!

Yes! If we don’t reach out to you within 3 days of your registration please contact us at support@thebladeapp.com and ask for it. We will be happy to sent you content.!

You can manually block off time or even inactive a barber.

No but this feature is coming soon and you will also be able to have your own QR code.

We don’t support chat for now but we are working on it.

  1. Your clients will receive reward points for every successful online paid booking. They can use those points by converting them to credit and use them to pay for their next appointment.

Your profits won’t be affected by this.

  1. Reward points can only be used on their bookings.

Your clients receive reminder notifications 24/hr before and 1/hr before each booking.

Reminders are free of charge and the clients can see all the details of their upcoming appointments.


For safety reasons we require all customers to verify their accounts. If you didn’t receive an email please check your spam folder.

For safety reasons we have a time limit for registration. If your link expires just login again with the same credentials and you will receive an email again.

With our cancellation policies we protect our customers from losing revenue.

*Cancelation policies are valid only for online paid bookings.

  1. Appointments that have cancelled 24 hours prior are fully refunded in your wallet.
  2. Appointments that have cancelled 12 hours prior are 50% refunded to your wallet.
  3. Appointments that have cancelled in less than 12 hours are not refundable for clients.
  4. If a shop cancels your booking, you will receive a full refund in your wallet.
  5. Once your booking starts you can’t cancel or reschedule.

You will receive reminder notifications 24 hours before and 1 hour before each booking.

Once your appointment has completed , you can find the rate button in your completed appointments.

With your account you can book as many appointments as you like.

You can reschedule your appointment so you can avoid cancellation fees. Make sure that your appointment does not started.

Yes. In order to book appointments you have to download and register in the app.

The blade app does not require a lot of space on your device.

You may be a subject to a platform fee of 0.95 cents for paying online through the blade app.

All your refunds are added securely in your blade wallet.

All the money that you receive from refunds, reward points or cancelations are added to your wallet and can be used only for appointments in the BLADE APP.

You can use 5 euros each time from your wallet. This is helping you to have a balance in your account that you can use multiple times.

Payment Processing

Every one month after you register, your card will be automatically charged. If for whatever reason the payment is unsuccessful your shop won’t be discoverable to others in the bladeapp until you update your payment method. If you are facing issues after you manually paid, please contact us!

By storing a payment method, you will be billed at the conclusion of your trial period. Having an active payment method guarantees that both you and your clients continue to enjoy the exceptional experience without interruption.

The app is free to download and use.

Clients maybe charged a platform fee only when they pay through the app

If you need anything for your subscription please contact us at support@thebladeapp.com

You can use a valid credit or debit card.

Crypto payments are coming soon.

  1. Shop will receive the money only when the bookings are completed.
  2. Barbers can complete a booking only after the booking has started.
  3. All bookings are autocompleted right after service time has passed.
  4. All the employees earning are going to shop owner’s wallet.
  5. All your money needs some time to process and clear through stripe. After that you will be able to withdraw the amount that you want.

Stripe needs some days to clear your money. ( 3-7 days in general.)

Once you withdraw money your bank needs 3-7 days to make the amount available on your card. You can track your money through your stripe account.

There is a processing fee of 2.75% for all payments made through The Blade App.

Also, clients are charged with 0.95 cents processing fee for appointments booked and paid through the app.

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